Andre Desjardins – mixed media painting and bronze sculpture (Nov. 23 – March 11, 2014)

Golden mind 64h x 42w cmyk(MAIN GALLERY) “Visual Emotionism” by André Desjardins communicates his passion for life and his respect for the profound universality of human emotion – regardless of culture, religion, social or economic status, we share the same emotions and it is, ultimately, that commonality that defines what it means to be human.

His paintings often feature faces – frequently androgynous and non-racial – displaying complex emotions. The heavily textured backgrounds, loose lines and generous use of color are all intended to direct the viewer away from the physical reality of the subject and into a contemplation of the emotion portrayed.

Like his paintings, his bronze sculptures intentionally ignore the human need for completeness of form in order to bring focus to the emotion communicated by the forms which are present. Smooth surfaces, interrupted by mottled colors in formless patterns, terminate in jagged broken edges forcing the viewer to look beyond the figuration.

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