Art for Warriors

The Coral Springs Museum of Art recognizes that art is not only the “pretty picture on the wall” but as well, the theraputic effects of the artistic journey.

On the battlefield, the need to survive causes many soldiers to quickly learn how to suck it up and tuck many of those feelings inside. The purpose of Art for Warriors is to help veterans deal the challenges of re-adjusting to civilian life following completion of active duty requirements by using art as a tool for self-expression, and teaching ways of using art for stress management.

Together with board certified, art therapist Raquel Farrell-Kirk, veterans with a quietly acknowledged commonality come together in a creative environment, to explore, express and create. This program blends two elements valuable to veterans—the arts and community, and epitomizes how the humanities can help individuals with traumatic experiences lessen their stress. 

Art for Warriors has been made possible by The Batchelor Foundation and is free of charge for all veterans, men and women of all wars.  For additional information regarding the program, please call 954-340-5000.



Art of Warriors is sponsored, in part, by The Batchelor Foundation.

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