Artist Reception

We invite you to enjoy beverages and light hors d’oeurves as you mingle with friends and fellow guests to view this exhibition. Reception admission is complimentary.

Ira Reines, Jo Ann Nava, and John Patrick Kelly
Thursday, September 15, 2016
6pm to 8pm

Ira Reines

The iconic father of Art Deco and master artist Erté aspired to have his beautiful drawings and paintings realized as sculpture. Having no sculptural experience, Erté sought out a sculptor whose talent and sculptural ability would faithfully translate those two-dimensional works into sublimely beautiful three dimensional bronzes. He selected Ira Reines, an award-winning young sculptural prodigy whose talent and passion impressed Erté.  Reines collaborated closely with Erté for 11 years, translating the master’s celebrated two-dimensional couture designs into a series of seventy bronze sculptures.

Jo Ann Nava

My art is an appreciation of the simple daily experience and the rituals we create to celebrate and validate our existence.” 
It would be difficult to find a more culturally rich environment to grow an artist than the south Bronx. These early sensory impressions were akin to living in a John Sloan painting, with fire escapes, clotheslines and stickball. But it was later, going to school in the Chicago area, that the commitment to art was set. Jo Ann developed a mutual admiration for contemporary artists and ancient artisans. Both would come into play while designing textiles, murals and faux-finishes for the interior design trade.

John Patrick Kelly

The unshakable belief that all of us are here for a purpose, are equal parts of the universe, and have to use our time here to fulfill destiny is the driving force behind the creation of John Patrick Kelly’s paintings. Patrick’s surrealistic oils combine fantasy, eroticism, humor, and a deep, esoteric understanding of life into a visual potpourri that leaves a lasting impression on most viewers.

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