Beverly Myers – Fearless with Color (May 31 – Aug. 23, 2014)

Rock, Stream, Waterfall - web(Kuhn Gallery) Beverly Myers is foremost a colorist. She loves color and the relationship of one color to another. “I am a very loose painter. People say they love my ‘style.’ I call it ‘Tremor Style,’ as I can’t paint tight and exacting because of essential tremor in my hands. I like to experiment and to try new things. I try to stop the painting before it’s finished and allow the viewer to ‘finish’ it—that’s the Beverly Myers style.”

Her creative ideas come from nature. Sometimes she starts with a color; expressing herself; feeling her way and not really knowing how it will end. “As I move along, sometimes changing direction many times, I almost let my body and my arms express the story. I try not to think too much or I will get too intellectual.” Her love of art history and music influences her. “A good painting has the same elements as a good musical score: rhythm—slow and fast; soft edges and hard staccato ones. I love the Dada and Surrealist movements of the early 20th century. Their many scars and their depression at World War I led them to imagine and to dream exciting new images. Jean Arp said he dreamed with his eyes open. Modern times are similar. The world is spinning crazily, and art, music, literature and poetry are changing constantly. We feel, express, dream and write of a better world.”

Myers’ artistic goal is to be the best painter she can be, and to be known for being true to herself. “I see the world in color; I dream in color and with my eyes open.”

Beverly’s exhibition is guest curated by Bruce Helander of Helander Studio.

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