Friends of the Museum is a volunteer organization comprised primarily, but not entirely, of Coral Springs residents. Volunteers support the Coral Springs Museum of Art through fundraising and community awareness and through providing advocacy for the Museum. Sponsoring two fundraising events annually, Friends of the Museum is the Museum’s largest support group.

Marcy Siev Winnick, Board Liaison to the Friends of the Museum

Pam Geissinger
Bob Geissinger
Joyce Greenberg
Ruth Hirtz
Pamy Leto
Josephine Monas
Michael Monas
Bonnie Opler
Steve Opler
Marcy Siev Winnick
Molly St. Cavish
Shirley Richards
Janet Gold

The Friends of the Museum group meets once a month and sometimes bi-monthly and/or weekly closer to events. Those interested in joining should call the Museum at (954) 340-5000.


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