Kaleidoscope: the Beauty of Autism

The Coral Springs Museum of Art is recognized as a community anchor developing programming to meet the needs of the South Florida community. As a result, the Museum has implemented “Kaleidoscope: the Beauty of Autism”, an art making program designed especially for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).

This program, delivered by professional artists, allows children an opportunity to explore the creative process in a creative environment. Creativity sparks curiosity; curiosity leads to enriched learning.

Regardless of abilities, atypical or otherwise, art is a form of expression that requires little, perhaps no verbal interaction – art permeates the very deepest part of a person where no words exist.  Because of this, art opens doors of communication.

The Museum has implemented the program in collaboration with the Leo Goodwin Foundation,  Dan Marino Foundation and a neighboring school, Parkside Elementary where children with autism receive specialized instruction as well as opportunities to be mainstreamed into typical classrooms.

“This program made a huge impact for the majority of all students in all areas.  We have seen an increase in communication and social skills, as well as independence and improvement in behaviors.  Many of our students are telling us how they feel, are more willing to try new things, have become more social with their peers, etc.  It has been amazing. Every student, nonverbal/verbal were always excited to go to the art museum and upset that it was finished.  Watching students want to engage in activities and stay with them was very exciting.  Students who use assistive technology to speak are using it more as well.  Overall the program has had a huge impact on our students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

 -Marie Ritchie, Parkside Elementary School

Watch a great video about the Museum’s Kaleidoscope Program below:

Funding for Kaleidoscope: the Beauty of Autism is provided by the Leo Goodwin Foundation.

Dan Marion Foundation 


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