Kim Heise

Kim HeiseKim Heise is a local, Florida-born oil and mixed-media artist and currently a BFA student at Florida Atlantic University studying painting and mixed media techniques. “It was always my goal to be an artist. I took classes as a child and teen at my local art museum, which gave me a pretty solid technical and art-historical foundation which I used to jump into art school and my practice. I am a strong believer in the importance of art classes for children, and I teach art techniques, creative expression and art history to children when I can.” Her work frequently incorporates struggles of good and evil, fantastical narratives and powerful imagery and movement – sampling from animals and figures. Technically, I pursue the transparent, ephemeral qualities inherent to the monotype process, the delicacy of watercolor techniques, the vibrancy of oil colors, and the strangeness and “otherness” of a mixed media approach. Experimentation, spontaneity and collaboration are also very integral to my practice.

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