Spring Exhibitions: Haupt, Carlisle, Tarshis & Draves (on view now)

Join us for our Spring Exhibition by four extraordinary artists.

18348 White Vertical Lines, 2013, 32x24 inches, Oil on Canvas

18348 White Vertical Lines, 2013, 32×24 inches, Oil on Canvas

(MAIN GALLERY) “Drawing Lines – Making Space” – This exhibit presents a new body of work by Henning Haupt, paintings and installations from 2013 and 2014.The paintings explore visual, spatial compositions by using different modes of line structures in combination with fields of painted colors. The impetus of drawing, the gestural character in its results, is revealing a movement in space that is set in tension with repetitive, restrictive application patterns. – See more at: http://coralspringsmuseum.org/henning-haupt-painting-march-29-may-17-2014-main-gallery/#sthash.Nh9R5WVr.dpuf.


Craig Carlisle in his studio

Craig Carlisle in his studio

(EAST GALLERY) Craig Carlisle’s “Big Heads & The Peaceful Valley Paintings” debut at the Coral Springs Museum of Art. The idea of meditation and contemplation play a major role in the paintings of artist Craig Carlisle. Infused with serene happiness and optimism, his paintings articulate indelible images which evoke emotions reminiscent of childhood innocence. Some paintings of figures are cropped from the waist up and larger than life, while other paintings are small scale and intimate, yet all elicit an immediacy of reaction which is both mesmerizing and unexplainable. – See more at: http://coralspringsmuseum.org/craig-carlisle-painting-march-29-may-17-2014-east-gallery/#sthash.0tOQ7jzw.dpuf.

Springtime by Sylvia Tarshis

Springtime by Sylvia Tarshis

(KUHN GALLERY) “Florals” by Sylvia Tarshis will be exhibited in the Kuhn Family Gallery March 27 through May 17, 2014. This exhibition of Tarshis’ floral compositions highlights a selection of her large body of work. While landscapes and still lifes are part of Tarshis’ repertoire, her favorite subjects to paint are flowers, from figurative to almost abstract. The flowers explode into bright colors reflecting the four seasons and translating emotion and sensibility. Tarshis’ paintings have been very well-received at past gallery shows and auctions and have been seen in three issues of Architectural Digest. – See more at: http://coralspringsmuseum.org/sylvia-tarchis-painting-march-29-may-17-2014-kuhn-gallery/#sthash.bk3Nf7pn.dpuf.

Scott Draves - Electric Sheep 244 66698

Scott Draves – Electric Sheep 244 66698

(THE CUBE) Scott Draves is a software artist and inventor who created the original Flame algorithm in 1991, the Bomb visual-musical instrument in 1995 and the Electric Sheep in 1999. Draves’ software artworks are released as open source and have been used for two decades by many other artists and designers in their own work. – See more at: http://coralspringsmuseum.org/the-cube-scott-draves-electric-sheep-march-27-may-2-2014/#sthash.0IdlJZR4.dpuf.

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