Yuroz: Symbiosis (March 12 – May 28, 2016)

(Main Gallery) Yuroz is a celebrated Los Angeles based artist whose work spans across mediums and genres. Lovers, musicians, poets, athletes, homeless and refugees fill his canvases, drawing forth the spectrum of emotions and moods that reside in the human soul. His messages break down age, gender, cultural, religious and political divides to support the progress of people, organizations, societies and even countries.

Vetted by the Vatican, the oldest and most powerful of art patrons, Yuroz was commissioned by the Vatican to honor St. Arcangelo Tadini. In an original oil painting, the “Light of Compassion”, Yuroz depicted St. Tadini with half-divine, half-human qualities, celebrated the life of this Saint and featured the transformation of Tadini’s spiritual power of love and compassion into social actions to help create a society open to justice and solidarity.

Filled with Yuroz’s universal language of symbolism, this beautiful painting contains powerful artistic expression of the core message of living a life with meaning and was blessed by Pope Benedict in the Botticcino Sera Church, where it permanently resides amongst important work from other Renaissance masters.

Watch the Yuroz Vatican Art Interview from KABC News

Born in Soviet Armenia, Yuroz was only ten years old when he entered the renowned Akop Kodjoyan School of Art in the Armenian capital of Yerevan.  After graduating with honors, Yuroz gathered up his incredible talents and entered the Yerevan University of Art and Architecture where he earned his Master’s Degree. Seeing that freedom of expression was vital to his path to realize his true artistic potential, Yuroz spent his next seven years as a refugee awaiting the opportunity to gain entrance into the United States.

The artist in his studio

The artist in his studio

Fittingly, still imbued with compassion and understanding for all refugees seeking new homes and fresh beginnings, Yuroz was chosen by the United Nations in 2000 to be the official artist for their 50th anniversary stamp, honoring refugees worldwide in his mural “Respect for Refugees”. Through this mural, the grand panorama of Yuroz’ vision was amplified, where individual and racial differences slid away, and the courage of refugees
and humanity as a whole was brought to the surface.

In 2004, Yuroz’s second UN commissioned mural, the “Human Rights Mural” was unveiled in United Nations in D.C. Several million of Yuroz’s stamps were sold around the world, raising funds for the United Nations. Dedicating the Human Rights Mural to Human Rights Education, Yuroz travels nationally and internationally in sponsored events with the mural to increase awareness, raising funds for the underprivileged and other humanitarian needs. On tour with his murals at the Guatemalan Presidential Palace in 2007, Yuroz touched locals and dignitaries in Guatemala with his universal message that all has the right to thrive from trials to triumph. As art inspires, his Guatemalan exhibition inspired the expression of an alternate art form, with students of a dance school, acting out each character and each message from this six-panel Human Rights Mural in a beautifully choreographed dance.

Early on, Yuroz stood out as an artist that has the distinguished ability to depict complicated human emotions at a cellular level. From the tender sparks of affectivity to the stark naked truth of humanity, the smallest subtleties took shape with every paint strokes, every color contrast and every definition of lines and shapes.

Timeless symbolism forms the backbone of Yuroz’s classical romantic paintings, the stories he tells through his paint brushes. Blue is the color of healing and rose is the symbol of love. Blue rose symbolizes healing after struggles. Pomegranate symbolizes fertility, creativity, prosperity and power. To the artist, this fruit that bore through the rockiest and the most arid landscapes is a symbol of survival. A book denotes personal insights kept so private only to share with one’s true love. A guitar signifies the lovers’ communications. When two lovers are in tune, they hear each other in silence, playing music without a note.

With the sensitivity of an artist and the analytical power of a trained architect, Yuroz reduced details of his observations by breaking down a multitude of viewpoints, just to reassemble his subject matters into a greater context, representing them in simultaneity in an abstracted form. Yuroz’s exploration of the rhythmic abstract patterns of his surroundings, his depiction of relationship between space, mass, time, and volume offered both an uncommon depth in his subjects and a highly unexpected third dimension in his paintings. This work began his career as a romantic neo cubist.

Multi-layered, such visible symbolic representation of processes, forces and structures rather obstructed from view but known to the mind’s eyes often offer both a stark contrast and a silent hand in support of the flatness of the canvas. Making the once “understood” visible, Yuroz’s work gives visual comfort to viewers and soothes one’s otherwise disconcerted psyche. Referred to as “Modern Day Picasso”, Yuroz joins the ranks of Braque, Gris and Duchamp in writing the history of cubism through contemporary times.

Trees, Oil on Canvas, Yuroz

Trees, Oil on Canvas, Yuroz

Yuroz has been an architect and an explorer all his life. Those attributes fused into his career of being an artist in many ways over the last 30 years. Careful observation of his work no doubt shows he consistently pushes the envelope and always looks for new and inventive ways to express his ideas. During the last five years, while continuing to use his sensitivity to interpret and represent complex human emotions in his art, his heightened awareness of our coadjutant existence with our environment led him on a journey of exploration, culminating to Yuroz’s contemporary architectural design projects and to the release of Yuroz’s new contemporary collection, Symbiosis. There, Yuroz solicits engagement with his art forms ever so subtly and yet so boldly, demanding the unsuspected to join him in a new sojourn.

Yuroz’s art knows no destination as he continues to innovate. One can’t help but wonder what is on his mind and what is next on his creative path. Whatever discoveries he partakes and wherever his journey takes him, rest assured that Yuroz always finds a magical way to engage you. His unyielding commitment to keep your senses fresh, your feelings warm, and your minds engaged is the very reason why his art is timeless…

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