“No matter how many times I take wet clay, manipulate it and finally fire it, turning the material and my impressions to stone, I am continually amazed with the transformation.”


Jan Kolenda is a clay artist who works with highly decorated functional and sculptural pottery. The source of her inspiration comes from nature. “I grew up in a small town in Michigan surrounded by woods and open land. My fondest memories are of exploring the surrounding area and discovering all that nature had to offer. The trees, bugs, birds, plants and animals held my total fascination. My interest in the outdoors, and in all things wild and wonderful, has never diminished.”

She has worked with clay for over 20 years and the process has never failed to excite and inspire her. She is drawn to the plasticity of the medium and its responsiveness to touch.

Kolenda, an award~winning artist, has exhibited nationally and is currently the ceramics instructor at the Museum. Jan and fellow artist, John Foster, are the creators of The Everglades, a 54′ by 17′ relief ceramic tile mural on an outside wall of the Museum. This was the Artist in Residence program for 2003, which involved the participation of over 30 volunteers. Jan is also the Artist in Residence for the 2012 season creating a 5′ x 12′ scroll entitled Imagine Florida.

Learn more at www.sticks-n-stonesstudio.com