“I’ve tried to capture the emotional experience of the people in my images in their daily lives.”


Lew Lautin distinctly remembers the excitement he felt at age 10, upon the return of his first roll of processed film. He was amazed at the magical results of print on paper from his second-hand Zeiss Icon 35mm camera, a gift from his father.

Today, Lew’s passion for capturing strong emotion and drama through color and composition burns brighter than ever. Lautin is described as vivacious, warm, generous and above all, creative.Lautin’s dedication to social understanding and tolerance can best be seen in his breathtaking and poignant images of the homeless and near homeless (a term he coined during this project to describe those whose existence is a daily challenge to provide housing and food for themselves and their families).

This endeavor was recently featured on the Lifetime Channel’s The Balancing Act and installed in the offices of The National Coalition for the Homeless in Washington, DC.

“I hope my films and my photography help to heal, stimulate and energize the souls of those who view it,” Lautin states of his desired effect of his films and images.
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