I believe in giving back to my community and using my artwork to spread a powerful and inspiring message.

I began my artistic career at 19 as a billboard artist in Philadelphia. Self-taught, this hands-on experience pushed me to explore ideas and techniques that were non-traditional and experimental in my artwork. My work focuses mainly on the portrait and has a strong activist element, urging you to see the value in the person portrayed. My murals and custom finishes adorn countless private homes and many businesses, including The Whole Enchillada, The Wilder, GreenBar and Kitchen, SoHo Hotel and Spa, and The Dream Hotel, South Beach.

In 2015 I launched a nationwide mural project called “Girl Noticed”. In its inaugural year Hoffman’s Chocolates chose the project to be part of their ArtBar campaign along with acclaimed artists Guy Harvey and Clyde Butcher. The artwork and message has garnered the attention of news stations in Florida, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Nebraska, and Alaska.

My work has been featured in both local and national publications including Venice Magazine, Sun Sentinel, Marie Claire, Juxtapoz and Professional Artist magazines.