Dario Ortiz

“Dario Ortiz”
Runs from September 14 – November 14, 2019
Artist Reception – Thursday, September 19 • 6 p.m.
Open to the Public

September 14 – November 14, 2019


Dario Ortiz is a Colombian self-taught artist, whose work sit in the crossroads where religious themes meets humanist observation to capture the beauty of the human body, while creating an emotional moment to connect with the viewer.  Ortiz’s work “…is the path of creation, that has as its goal, the stunning expression of the painting.  In this unpredictable exchange between the silent talent of a painter and the demands of the medium in which he works, his trajectory is guided by devotion to the materialization of images and ideas that could not exist in any form other than in his own painting, upon the spread his canvas.”

Since 1995, he has been a contributor to the Ibaque, Colombia newspaper, El Nuevo Día. Ortiz publications include the books: Oscar Rodríguez Naranjo, The Painter of Beauty (1996)Neorealism (2000), in collaboration with Carol Damian, and the essays Vásquez de Arce y Ceballos drawings (2007)A Brief History of the Arts in the Territory of Tolima (2007), and A Novel Painted (2008).

In 2003 Ortiz founded, and is the head of, the Museo de Arte del Tolima in Ibagué, Spain.

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