2014 Exhibitions

Electric Sheep

"Electric Sheep" MARCH 27 – JUNE 13, 2014 SCOTT DRAVES Scott Draves is a software artist and inventor who created the original Flame algorithm in 1991, the Bomb visual-musical instrument in 1995 and the Electric Sheep in 1999. Draves’ software artworks are released as open source and have been used for two decades by many other artists and designers in [...]

Preserving Eden

SEPTEMBER 6 – NOVEMBER 22, 2014 CLYDE BUTCHER For more than 50 years, Clyde Butcher has been preserving on black and white film the quiet beauty of Florida’s most undisturbed landscapes, including the Everglades. Internationally acclaimed for his photographs and passion for preservation, Butcher will showcase 36 new works in his exhibition “Preserving Eden” Sept. 6–Nov. 22, 2014 at Coral [...]

Fearless With Color

Myers’ artistic goal is to be the best painter she can be, and to be known for being true to herself. “I see the world in color; I dream in color and with my eyes open.” May 31 – August 23, 2014 BEVERLY MYERS Beverly Myers is foremost a colorist. She loves color and the relationship of one color to [...]

Pulp Icons: Cast Paper & Prints

May 31 - August 23, 2014 STEWART NACHMIAS These cast paper woodcuts reflect aspects of the artist’s life, transformed into bold, graphic images. The prints show him performing puppet shows, playing music and working as a printmaker. There are mandalas that use a circular format, with each devoted to a single subject including clowns and puppeteering. Many of the prints [...]

Marionettes to Cake Boxes

Dr. Yolanda Sanchez, noted Curator and Artist, comments, “the work has remarkable energy – a sensation of things about to break free. Not just because most of his pieces have the capacity for movement, but because the accretion of divergent parts and the unique way that Pablo fuses them create a tremendous build-up of energy – a whole new entity [...]

Digital Arts Salon

JUNE 14 - JULY 14, 2014 SOPHIE KAHN Sophie’s work owes its fragmented aesthetic to the interaction of new and old media, or the digital and the analog. She combines cutting-edge technology, like 3D laser scanning and 3D printing, with ancient bronze casting techniques. She creates sculptures and videos that resemble de-constructed monuments or memorials. They engage questions of time, [...]

The Magic Behind the Image

December 6, 2014 - February 21, 2015 LEW LAUTIN Lew Lautin is an award winning artist, photographer and videographer whose work cannot be restricted to a single theme or style. Following a successful career in real estate building and development, he dedicated a decade to sensitive environmental issues. Before embarking on his career as a photographer and film maker, he [...]