The Workshop + Exhibits

The Workshop

The WORKSHOP is our curated gallery shop filled with one of a kind arts and wares. We offer opportunities for Makers and Artists to display and sell their original creations throughout the year. We market, sell and present your goods during both private and public events. We present your sold goods to customers and collectors in a beautiful package ready to be given as a gift or gifted to yourself. 

Makers and Artists interested in submitting to the WORKSHOP for review click here

Super Natural

A retrospective of beloved and new work by Cheryl Maeder.
Exhibition Dates | January 19 – March 6, 2021 | Must be registered to attend. Register Here. 
Reception Date | January 21, 2021 | 5:30pm- 8:30pm | Must be registered to attend. Register here for the Reception. 
Complimentary Admission for all ages.

Cheryl Maeder | Fine Art Photographer and Video Installation Artist

The core of her work has always been about “connection”; the innate connection to the self, each other and to all other life forms on this planet.

Maeder was born in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA, and in her early 20s moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where she studied photography at the Zurich University of the Arts. After 8 years in Switzerland, she returned to United States and opened her photography studio in San Francisco, where she photographed international advertising and fashion campaigns. She transitioned from photographing fashion models to photographing real women, to celebrate the beauty of women in all shapes and sizes. Her photography work became the inspiration for the Dove Campaign on Real Women, Real Beauty- which transformed the way women are viewed in the global media. In 2005, Maeder relocated her studio to the Miami area and deeply immersed herself into fine art photography and filmmaking.  While the foundation of Maeder’s work is photography, investigations into video and large-scale installations have expanded her visual world. By immersing herself into the world of new technologies and shifting between the mediums, new opportunities for rewarding and creative collaborations have occurred for large-scale installations. Her work has been exhibited and acquisitioned nationally and internationally by galleries, museums and private collectors.

How to Exhibit

We produce several exhibitions each year, displaying the work of artist from all over the county.  Here’s who, what, and how we show:

WHO: Everyone!
The Museum levels the playing field for emerging artists. Some of our exhibits are group shows blind juried by curators and art professionals from around the country. This allows artists’ work to be evaluated purely on merit rather than resume content, leveling the playing field for emerging artists. We will also coordinate non-juried exhibits once a year to give everyone’s work a chance to be seen through the year.

We don’t care about your fancy resume, or lack there of. We care about the art! The Museum encourages artists to think outside the box and use their creativity to engage with thought provoking art that pushes the levels of creativity.  Be brave! This is a safe space to try new or hard things.

WHAT: Everything!
We love all forms of creativity, but especially art that you might not see at a traditional gallery. Performance, video, installation, 2D, 3D: yes please! The Museum is a non-commercial art venue, meaning that we don’t care about showing “sellable” work to pay our bills but if it does sell then great for everyone! This gives us the flexibility to show challenging, unusual, or just plain weird work.

HOW: Juried + non-juried + curated exhibits.
There are customized criteria and application guidelines for every group exhibit we do. For the most accurate information on how to apply for a show, you really should read the Call for Artists for the show you’re interested in. But the gist is that almost all of our applications happen online using a platform called Jotform, which collects your images, info, and entry fee (if applicable) all in one easy go. And if you have trouble with any part of your application, we are just an email away.

Juried exhibits: group shows where the art is selected by important outside big wigs like museum curators, gallery owners, art professors, etc. Competitive, but worth entering to get your work in front of these fancy folks!

Non-juried exhibits: these are open groups shows with a theme. Anyone can bring work for these shows as long as it somehow fits in with the theme of the show. 

Curated exhibits: these shows are organized by an artist, curator or curatorial team, usually around a theme. Art for these shows is hand picked by the curator because it matches the curator’s vision for his/her show. (How do you get on a curator’s radar? Show up! Show your work, volunteer, make sure folks know your name.)

Honorarium: Pending our annual budget and grants funding we may have small honorariums to contribute to each show. If you are accepted we will discuss this with you. Our hope is to have funds available in an effort to support our working arts community. 

Do you want to propose and exhibition? Click here for information and submission!