Haiku Challenge

Art Inspired Haiku Challenge

Celebrating Haiku Poetry Day on April 17th, the Museum challenged supporters and followers to create an art inspired Haiku and have the chance to be featured! Below are our featured poets:

“Madame Roulin and her Baby” 1888 – Vincent Van Gogh – Metropolitan Museum of Art

The baby is sleeping
Chaos has settled for now
My life is crazy

Audrey Albano

“Venus and Adonis” -1555-60 – Titian – J. Paul Getty Museum

Love, unrequited
Danger lies ahead today
Warning unheeded

Gary Freiburger

“Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning” -1891- Claude Monet – J. Paul Getty Museum

Image of nature
No scent, no sound, cannot touch
Yet memories come

Gary Freiburger

“The Horse Fair” 1852-55 – Rosa Bonheur – Metropolitan Museum of Art

Power and Purpose
For sale, for show, and for use
Caught by a Lady

Nancy Hutchin

“Fontana di Trevi” 1762 – Nicola Salvi – Rome, Italy

Majestic Fountain
Memories lasting through time
Created by love

Joshua Simmons

“Under the Wave off Kanagawa” 1830-32 – Katsushika Hokusai – Metropolitan Museum of Art

In the ocean dream
Where the veil meets the future
I sail through the past

Amanda Stein

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