Art by J. Steven Manolis

Flamingo – Key West by J. Steven Manolis
Flamingo – Key West by J. Steven Manolis

“My paintings are a reflection of who I am at this moment in time. Therefore, they are constantly changing as I grow as a person and as an artist. I am always perfecting my work and pursuing new ways to express myself and the world around me by painting seven days a week. It is my passion.” 

December 3, 2016 – February 28, 2017


I paint in series, and each work within these series mirrors my burning desire to communicate through the vivid use of color, or through black and white. I seek to express my thoughts and emotions and what I see in the world around me through the fusion of color transformed into my idea of beauty. My ultimate goal for those who study, collect and invest in my art is to have each individual work evoke emotion in and be a unique experience for each viewer. Every person brings their own world perspective to the painting; thus, it will be a specific and distinctive encounter for everyone.

The fifty paintings in my Coral Springs Museum of Art survey exhibition are a representative expression of my work and progress in the last three years. This solo show at a major, respected museum is a landmark event in my art career, and marks the achievement of a lifetime goal. No words can describe my joy, humility, or thanksgiving.

I want to acknowledge all who have made this moment possible. My life calling and passion has led me on a journey that feels guided by a higher authority, since the remarkable events and blessings I am experiencing are not ones that my own talent, energy, commitment and dedication, in and of themselves, could reasonably achieve.

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