The Little Masters

Every Wednesday 10:00am-11:30am

Come and spend time exploring art with your child through a fun filled day of creating at the Museum! Children will delve into a story each class that introduces them to a new artist and art period. After, get ready for a hands-on art exploration activity designed to get your child moving, engaged, and interacting. By the end of the class your child will have created their own masterpiece to take home with them and also have the confidence in developing new skills.

The day is broken down into four parts:

  1. Story- A story starts class in the main gallery and opens a discussion for learning new things. 15 minutes
  2. Artist- Discover a new artist and style every week! 20 minutes
  3. Project- A different art making activity will be led by the instructor in the downstairs classroom. 40 minutes
  4. Gallery – End our day discussing what we learned in the gallery and what’s in store for next class.15 minutes

Dates/ Artists/ Themes Coming Soon