Rolande Reverdy Moorhead

“War and Patriotism”
Runs from September 29 – November 17, 2018
Artist Reception – Thursday, October 11 • 6 p.m.
Open to the Public

September 29 – November 17, 2018


“I am a realistic painter dealing with many subjects, some deeper than other according to the moment in time, hence the WAR SERIES which I started to paint in 1976.

Mankind seems to be so determined to annihilate himself, that from time immemorial he has been seeking utter self- destruction. Genocide is a way of mankind. Reading the history of the world, one cannot remain unaware of the many wars which have taken place since the beginning of the world. Some of the paintings depict the suffering of the civilian population, which is never excluded from such turmoil. Misery and death are always the end-results of such horrid situations.


Wars are always current events…
Wars are never ending evil…
Mankind is always at war…
History is nothing but wars…
Wars are a thriving business…


As an artist, I depict the violence of war on canvas as a part of history, whereby, the viewer can ponder on the miseries and futility of wars.

Of all the subjects I paint, the WAR SERIES is what I consider to be my most important body of work. I have many more paintings to do and enjoy the challenge of the subject.”

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