About Coral Springs Museum of Art

Since it’s opening in early 1997, Coral Springs Museum of Art has served Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, Florida. Coral Springs Museum of Art focuses on highlighting present day, nationally recognized and Florida artists who create Traditional, Modern and Postmodern art. The Museum is all about creating an art immersion experience. Patrons are given the chance to express what they have experienced from the Museum and to remove the “do not touch” mentality in experiencing art.

Along with Coral Springs Museum of Art’s permanent collection, every three months the Museum offers new exhibits to the community. The museum has hosted many “blockbuster” exhibitions, including well-known artists such as Alexandra Nichita, Romero Britto, Wolf Kahn, Duane Hansen, Clyde Butcher, Jose Bedia, Royo, Yuroz, Dale Chihuly and Toulouse-Lautrec. We do this to expose our visitors to varying art mediums, and new experiences each time they visit the Museum.

The Museum has created an extensive Sculpture Garden, with sculptures produced by our past artists in residence, and Peace Garden, with multitude of indigenous flora to Florida. These gardens have been certified as a Natural Wildlife Habitat.

Coral Springs Museum of Art provides quality, challenging classes for adults and children taught by experienced artists. Classes include ceramics, sculpture, techniques in drawing and painting, animation and video art, and green art exploration.

The Museum is open to the general public. Coral Springs Museum of Art caters to groups of all ages, school field trips, special needs adult and youth organization, artist guilds, and senior citizen organizations. Annually, the Museum has approximately 30,000 visitors. Since its opening, the museum has hosted more than 600,000 visitors and students, exhibited the work of more than 200 artists in its galleries, and the work of approximately 18,000 artists in its lobby gallery.

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