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Near the rivers there are many large springs | Milena Arango, Donna Ruff, KX2 (Ruth Avra and Dana Kleinman)

Near the rivers there are many large springs is an exhibition that highlights the Florida landscape from the lenses of four South Florida artists that use historical elements, raw data, repurposed materials, and nature to create awareness of the changing environment in the area. Milena Arango’s leaf imprints on paper and textile using natural pigments extracted from the teak tree serve as a reflection of her personal journey. Her 197-feet long VTG (Vestigium Tectona Grandis) exposes traces of leaves and the effects of land and water from multiple landscapes. Donna Ruff’s interest in history and the tropical landscape led her to discover archival landscape photographs in a 1920’s book by John Kunkel Small. Inspired by his call to protect Florida’s wetlands a century ago, Ruff’s created silkscreens from her landscape photographs on locations previously captured by Small, and printed them on pages of a book by Small that identifies flora in Miami. KX2 presents artworks made with repurposed materials, raising awareness on issues related to climate change and water infrastructure. Boil Notice focuses on a lack of access to potable water, industrial waste pollution, and the effect of climate change on our water infrastructure. And works from Obstruction Series aim to raise an awareness of the dependence on the vast and hidden networks of utility pipes of our modern world and the pressures they face with climate change, population growth and pollution.

The title of the exhibition comes from the book Ferns of Florida by John Kunkel Small, repurposing a phrase used to describe the lavish conditions that Florida’s landscape offers for the abundant growth of ferns. For an exhibition that celebrates repurposing, re-using, and recovering, the use of this phrase, written almost a hundred years ago, serves as a reminder of the natural conditions of the land we currently inhabit.

About the Artists

Milena Arango, is a Colombian artist based in West Palm Beach. She thrives on adventure and the exploration of new ideas to create compelling works of art. Her journey into the world of art was ignited by her mother’s boundless curiosity and zest for life, at a time when she had the privilege of experiencing diverse cultures, languages, and people. Arango earned a degree in Visual Arts from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, embarking on a journey into the realm of theater shortly thereafter. This diversification of artistic pursuits has enriched her creative process, where she continuously exploring new techniques and embracing risks, finding inspiration in the unexpected and seizing opportunities with the first object that comes to hand.

Donna Ruff was born in Chicago, Illinois, and lives and works in Miami, Florida. Ruff received an MFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in 2000. She works in mixed media on handmade paper and on found printed matter, such as newspapers, books, and historical documents. Ruff questions how written and photographic narratives are constructed by removing and transforming printed text and image to recontextualize the portrayal of world events. Selected solo exhibitions include “Terra Incognita” (2023) Deering Estate, Miami, Florida; “Based on a True Story,” (2023) Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, California; “The Subject Speaks its Own Importance” (2020) Rick Wester Fine Art, New York, New York. Selected group shows include “Fit to Print” (2021) Print Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; “Spheres of Meaning” (2019) Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum, Miami, Florida; and “The Times” (2016) FLAG Foundation, New York, New York. Ruff is the recipient of the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, a Miami Individual Artist Grant, and the Ellies Creator Award. Public collections that include her work are the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Morgan Library, Smith College, New Mexico Museum of Art, The Philip, and Patricia Frost Art Museum, among others.

KX2 is a collaboration combining the strengths of artists and sisters Ruth Avra and Dana Kleinman who create mathematically inspired sculpture merging metal and painting.  From a distance the work is bold and geometric, yet up close the viewer is engaged by textural hand-sanded metal and multi-layered paintings. By exploring geometry, symmetry and connection, their work aims to create a moment of pause, inviting the viewer to escape the stresses of the day and find a space to achieve balance. In their most recent work, themes related to environmental issues are presented with the hope to raise an awareness of the fragility of our natural ecosystems. 

Since establishing their artistic collaboration in 2007, KX2’s work has been featured in notable galleries and museums around the world. Importantly, the work was leveraged to the international art scene with an invitation to represent the United States at the 2008 Beijing Biennale at the National Art Museum of China. Their work can be found in numerous private, corporate, and public art collections throughout North America. Avra and Kleinman currently reside with their individual families in Southern Florida.

KX2 is environmentally conscious of material choices, using up to 50% recycled metals and recycled canvas.

Exhibition On View: April 11 through July 20, 2024

2024 Exhibition Template FOR PR
2024 Exhibition Template FOR PR







APRIL 11 – JULY 20 2024

Toxic/Nature Studios features environmental photography that celebrates the majesty of nature and laments its demise, in small moments. Using close-up macro techniques, the photographs express my appreciation for and concern about the environment. As we become increasingly distracted by our devices, we tend to overlook small disasters beneath our feet.  Likewise, we can fail to notice the beautiful moments present in nature.  I explore these concepts in the “Toxic” and “Nature” galleries on my website  Beauty can also be found in the rust, decay, and textures of everyday objects, which I highlight in the “Manufactor” gallery, found on the website as well.

All photos are taken by me, Scott Schneider, with an iPhone, thereby leveraging the power of technology to observe rather than to distract.  I take photos every day, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  I don’t go out to take pictures; I take pictures because I’m out. From my photographs, I create archival, digital pigment prints using environmentally friendly inks on bamboo paper, which is highly sustainable. In addition to my photos, I have crafted a series of sculptural pieces which I’m calling “3D(isasters).”  This thought-provoking artwork is designed to challenge the viewer to make sense of the quantity of litter displayed in a #finditfillit container.

I hope that my art will inspire others to notice the world around them and to take action to preserve its natural beauty.  We can’t do this while plugged in and tuned out. That’s why I ask viewers to unplug, look around, and get the small picture. By turning off our blinders of technology, and noticing the small detail of a piece of litter, a fallen petal, or an interesting bit of rust, we can then look up and notice the big picture, which is that the world needs our help.

Scott Schneider


Scott Schneider - ToxicNature Studios







Barrio Alto, Sementerxs, Dialogues Across Paths | MAIN GALLERY

Edison Peñafiel, Mitzi Falcón & Amanda Linares

AUGUST 1 – OCT 5 2024

Barrio Alto delves into the intricate web binding real estate, construction, and socio-economic dynamics. This photographic series presents a narrative through meticulously crafted dioramas, assembled from the medium of cardboard. Each diorama unveils a unique scene, portraying disparities in the construction and cost of housing. The title, Barrio Alto, plays with ambiguity, signifying both an affluent neighborhood and a poverty-stricken favela. Rooted in this duality, the series prompts us to challenge preconceived notions about social and economic status, coaxing our contemplation of the ramifications of urban development and gentrification. Within Barrio Alto, the lens captures the disparities in housing construction costs across different locales. It seeks to elucidate the role played by materials in sculpting these differences. The series’ approach employs cardboard as its primary medium, amplifying the fragility and impermanence of the structures portrayed. This choice underscores the influence of materials in crafting the final product of human habitation.

Edison Peñafiel, originally from Ecuador, migrated to the United States in 2002. Since graduating from the Florida International University’s Fine Arts program in 2016, he concentrated his practice on numerous large scale projects, site-specific, and immersive installations projects presented at The Bass Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, the Orlando Museum of Art, the Elsewhere Museum, the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the USF Contemporary Art Museum, the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Atchugarry Art Center, among others. Notable awards include: the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Florida Prize in Contemporary Art, the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, the Green Family Foundation, and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.
His work has recently been exhibited at the Consulate of the United Mexican States in Miami, Corridor Project – Oslow Norway and the Untitled Art Fair in Miami and is part of several private collections.

Sementerxs centers the LGBTQ+ community through a portrait series of construction workers who have left their tropical hometown of San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz to work among steel frame and drying concrete of Mexico City construction zones. Amidst the gray concrete and intense physical labor, they celebrate their femininity. They challenge societal paradigms and proclaim their strength, internal and external. Sementerxs is an homage to resilience. It is a loudspeaker for those who fight for their dreams daily, and those who will not be held back from accepting and loving themselves with pride.

Mitzi Falcón trained as a designer and visual communicologist at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and as a self-taught artist. Mitzi’s visual proposal fuses her experiences with various contemporary issues such as neurodivergences, migration, gender inequalities and social inequalities; Falcón not only seeks to convey an opinion or judgment on these issues, but through the inclusion of objects with high symbolic content and the recreation of scenic fictions, she seeks reflection, resonance and critical analysis of the viewer. She works with photography and scenography.

Amanda Linares is a Cuban-born visual artist who currently lives and works in Miami. Her work expands like branches using an immense variety of media from design and drawing to installation and photography. Influenced by literature and spatial awareness, Amanda’s work contains poetic language while exploring narration and/or space through the use of reflection, transparency, revelation, found objects, and typographical solutions. Although in constant change, her work intimately dances between many universal issues, such as identity, displacement, absence, and reconnection. Her eagerness for learning new ways to express herself led her to study graphic design at New World School of the Arts. She is currently a resident artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex.



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Kristin Beck


AUGUST 1 – OCT 5 2024

Before I Forget is a series about dementia, memory, and identity. The body of work, created in response to helping my father who has dementia, visually represents the impaired and declining cognitive functions and memory lapses with portraits, 3D objects, and interactive elements. Some themes include repetition, reminders, response delays, reduced capacities, and realizations of losing a sense of self. In concert with these depictions are audience participation stations and a community building project.  

“As a multidisciplinary artist my studio practice is fueled by the color and rhythm of the subtropics combined with the love of making functional pieces, like handmade books or quilts. I am fascinated by how things are made, and the storytelling derived from learning a process, particularly ones that are passed down through generations. I create pieces using multiple mediums to broaden the visual texture of a body of work.” – Kristin Beck

Kristin Beck is a writer, artist, and native Floridian, which provides colorful characters along with the intense humidity. Influenced by the area’s vibrant culture, her work relies on crustacean-hued memories and is imbued with the sound of wild parrots set free by Hurricane Andrew. Beck has exhibited in nearly 50 exhibitions, including Best in Show at Girls’ Club, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and Gritty in Pink at Bailey Contemporary Arts, Pompano Beach, Fla., Last Blast at Frenchy Gallery, New Orleans, La., and Curators as Artists at Warehouse Gallery, Orlando, Fla. In 2024, she received an Artist Support grant from the Broward Cultural Division.



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