Education in a Nutshell

At the CSMOA we believe in Creating Community through the Arts!  Our education program allows everyone, regardless of age or skill level, to learn a new skills, techniques and concepts while enjoying the arts.  We have something for everyone and offer programs during the day, evening & weekends throughout the year taught by some of the best professional artists around! If you need help accessing or setting up your account, stop in or call us at (954) 340-5000. Please send all refund/credit requests to Fiorella Lavena at If you love art but aren’t interested in art making we have fun and informative Art Tours for all ages. 




Youth + Teen

The CSMOA offers classes for both kids and teens, starting as young as 3 years old. Students will work closely and learn from professional artists in a fun and inspiring studio environment. If you don’t see a class that works for you sign up for private lessons or put a group of 6 together and we can make a class for you! 



Learn a new skill or expand your artistic practice with one of the many classes designed to engage both the beginner and seasoned artists. Our classes are great for college-bound high school students looking to add quality work to their art or design admissions portfolios! All classes are for ages 16+, unless otherwise specified.



At the CSMOA, we want everyone to be able to explore their artistic side! We understand that life gets busy and committing to an extended class session may not be realistic for everyone. This is why we are proud to offer workshops all year long! Through our workshops, both beginner and advanced students have the opportunity to explore new artistic mediums and techniques without committing to an extended class session.