Exhibitions at the Museum have created opportunities for emerging, mid-level and established artists. Past artists who have exhibited their works include Hunt Slonem, Alexandra Nechita, Renzo, and more.

Past Exhibition Years



experimental weaving



January 18, 2024 – March 30, 2024


“Glean, Glow, Glam!” is an exhibition that challenges artistic conventions by exploring the intersection of found objects, weavings made with non-traditional materials, and a fascination with light. Denise Treizman invites us to a visual game where ‘no hierarchy’ reigns, and each component, from delicate ceramic pieces to seemingly worthless objects, makes up a unique narrative. Her “seamless” artistic language fuses ready-made with hand-crafted, resulting in an experience that defies expectations and stimulates reflection.


Untitled design (1)



October 19, 2023 – January 6, 2024


This exhibition questions intersections of identity and place. As an Afro-Dominican, first generation female American, telling our stories in a space where it has been erased is crucial to my practice. As an educator, this exhibition is created as a conversation starter and hopefully a way to understand the complexities of identity, colorism, discrimination and prejudices in America and the Caribbean.



August 21 – October 7, 2023


A soft and fragile knowing leads us to exploration, uncertainty, and open-ended creativity. My work routinely celebrates that uncertainty, with a warmth and spontaneity that embraces process and moving through. Precarious, fragile, and standing still for a moment, these pieces are composed and revised at each step of their making. Structures bend or dance in fragile tension with the material, while closed forms hold layers of texture that crack and crawl with their physical properties. Chance is here often given the pedestal. Repeated marks of the artist’s thumb pressing into soft clay revisit the intensely personal nature of the work, the process, and the labor of making. These abstract forms are derived from narratives of the artist’s experience, reflecting on psychology and emotion, through progression from one piece to the next, and from observation of the larger environment. Informed by landscapes and cultures, they are reflections on the tensions of juggling multiple systems at once. Juxtapositions of material, color, personality and form provide an ongoing series of investigation. With overlaps of discrepancy and a playful use of material, this work explores resiliency in the moving through.




August 21 – October 7, 2023


This exhibition is a view into the unknown, where form and media intersect. Nothing is Everything explores the shifting occurrence of analog and digital perceptions. Potential is considered through varying iterations of forms as the limitations of objects are deconstructed and reassembled. In this space there is no original, instead the boundary between what is real and simulated is overcome by continuous interpretations. Through the unbounded possibilities of artistic practice, a space between perceptual expectation and the unknown is created.

Untitled design



June 27 – August 12, 2023


Consumption is a study into the possibilities of thermally modified wood. This relatively new sustainable process starts with locally-sourced wood, which is steam-heated to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The wood turns a dark shade of brown, resists decay from rot and insects, and becomes more stable. I began this project by placing ash wood samples outdoors in the sun, rain, wind, and dirt. Based on the information, I made a series of furniture, sculptures, and drawings that are activated by the environment.
While the works in the show follow different avenues of inquiry, they share a constant – water. The presence of water – both inside wood and from its surroundings – is what causes wood to break down. Thermal modification allows wood to better resist the destructive impact of water. All works in the show are designed to be activated by water. Furniture and sculpture will guide rainwater over and through them, and use reactive materials like copper that will patina over time. The Drawings and prints are made with an ink I distilled from the wood. It is the dark,

Untitled design (5)



May 1 – July 25, 2023


On view from the Permanent Collection showcases artists and work that the Museum has collected over its 25+ year history. Exhibiting Artists include:

Alberto Jorge Carol • Alvaro Labañino • Clyde Butcher • Daniel Garcia • Darren Saad • Hope Kahn • Hubert Phipps • Isabel Perez • Janet Gold • Jason Newstead • Kristen Swanson Bowen • Kristen Pavlick • Kurt Knobelsdorf • Mr. Brainwash • Peggy Greenfield • Renzo • Ron Burkhardt • Sally Cooper • Sybil Kleiman • Virginia Fifield • Xu De Qui • Zhang Hong Mei 




May 1 – June 17, 2023


Abuela’s work is the consequence of his intense passion for painting, design, and carpentry. He appropriates different objects to discuss why and how they are stripped of their functions, transformed, and ultimately revealed in their new design. These objects are then not allowed to be used for what they were conceived and thus convey a message about the great importance of balancing matter and spirit.

His work is focused on the interest of researching the inner world and what is not seen: the hidden, mystical, and intangible. It emphasizes the importance of a necessary balance with its counterpart (appearance, brightness, color, tangibility, etc.) These “two universes” must live in a balanced way in order to function. This is why in his work, whether two or three-dimensional, the use of figurations and elements somehow represent the parallel between two worlds and reflect on the different attitudes and behaviors that can create a conflict. Juan Abuela had resided in Miami, Florida since immigrating in 2005.

1678 Anna Waser - Painter - 1x.09in - Gouache on Arches Cold press watercolor paper


APIA Carolina Garcia

March 6 – April 22, 2023

Her exploration of human emotions in relation to inclusion and what it takes to achieve it, it’s what primarily drives her work. Taking it to diverse forms of expression, all deeply rooted in the message and the need to create spaces to talk about it and all it conveys.
Art is her language, and over a decade ago, She discovered that it was her son’s too. He has autism, and this was her way into his world as she discovered she could “talk” to him via drawings and paintings.
Apia enjoys working in figuration and abstraction to allow an expansive creative process. She works hard to achieve the versatility that allows her to transit through different mediums seamlessly. Garcia sees it as a must-have for her practice to address a variety of spaces in which inclusion is lacking.
Intentionally engaging with her immediate environment and drawing on her inner strength and energy to give audiences a space to rest in patience and indulge in spending conscious time with their thoughts and experiences. Her goal is to contribute through my work to a more inclusive society by helping guide a way into openness to inclusion by accepting our fragilities and flaws.


Jonathan-Rockford-Candelabra-a copy


January 10 – February 25, 2023

This exhibition includes crocheted sculptures and digitally generated imagery that both transform recognizable objects into physically and conceptually pliable forms and images. Flexible linear elements (be they lines of yarn, VHS cassette tape, or digital timelines) are looped back on themselves to render the familiar in a new light or form.
In its essence, crochet is a form of digitization and now these three-dimensional objects tread in the realm of images — with each stitch functioning as a kind of physical pixel. The forms rendered vary from utility, entertainment, and the nebulous in an effort to examine both the importance and impermanence of memory, experience and the stuff of everyday life.


January 10 – February 25, 2023

Broward County Public Schools Art Students juried show. 


January 10 – February 25, 2023

Coral Springs High School Art Students juried show. 


EvergladesGatorland_oil on canvas and mixed media_2021_69x75x18


December 9 – December 30, 2022

The Coral Springs Museum of Art invites artists ages 18 and up to submit applications for exhibition. Artwork submitted may be any medium including: photography, video, works on paper, sculptural installations, fine art crafts, textiles, Literary etc. This exhibit will juried and curated by museum staff and professional working artists/curators.

Christina Nicola _ I want to be wonderful (Neon Dreams)


October 18 – December 3, 2022

Nicola’s reflection of psychological and physical autonomy invites viewers into a visual psychosis of her semi-autobiographical exploration of the femme identity. The works navigate her internal dilemmas, acting as a visual archive of her ever-evolving identity in real-time. She simulates the de/construction of her identity as she masterfully layers colors, textures, and mediums to replicate the shadowing depths of the skin’s undertones.  For Nicola, I Want to Be Wonderful is a declaration of intent: not simply to be in existence, but to claim her existence.


220205A-5250 copy


AUGUST 23 – OCTOBER 8, 2022

The evolution of ecologically explicit art in Miami based artist, Gretchen Scharnagl’s practice culminates in the exhibition, Terra Ephemera. The work cannibalizes the mundane fragments of her own life, the remains of other lives, with a strong sense of place, while addressing timely environmental issues. The origins were the exploration of suburban backyards in South Florida, and the human and non-human residents’ impact and relationship to; each other, local ecosystems, and eventually our mutual home, Earth. The human made stuff that created a layer in Earth’s crust now evokes discourse, creates narrative, and unmasks anthropomorphic recognition.




JUNE 30 – AUGUST 13, 2022

The first solo exhibition of Jessie Laura, Visual Whispers, presents site specific installations and a series of assemblages that explore the notions of dimensional space and perception. The work navigates the complexities of light and form as artistic medium, physical reality, and aesthetic concept.
Influenced by nature and architectural structures, Laura’s mixed media work features geometric and organic compositions that create volume, texture, and movement. Furthermore, abstraction through form, light, and shadow allows her to respond to and engage with contemporary culture’s onslaught of visual imagery.
Stripped from color and representational imagery, Visual Whispers gives the viewer the opportunity to engage with the work with heightened focus and a higher awareness of their presence in the space.


IG rush down carmen and hermes (Instagram Post) (2)


MAY 3 – JUNE 18, 2022

RUSHING down combines the works of Hermes Berrio and Carmen Smith. Berrio and Smith capture the significance of everyday life, relating to the grand scope that emphasizes both the mundane and the extraordinary. They explore how the built environment affects emotional and psychological states surrounding them and their environments. Smith’s series Night Swimming emphasizes the nocturnal urban South Florida landscape, imaging it as a magical, otherworldly playground of glowing pools and colorful buildings. Her compositions are kept simple, while her use of color is exaggerated to elicit an emotional response. While Berrio’s urban paintings are personal snapshots of his people, the city, and a sublimely laid out perspective that feels universal and unpretentious; his pieces are documentary-like in nature. His paintings present a monumental vision of urban life.




MARCH 8 – APRIL 23, 2022

Melissa Herrington is an abstract contemporary artist, born in Miami and currently based in Los Angeles, whose work is evidence of her love of color, shape, and texture. Her large-scale, gestural paintings are built up through layers of paint on canvas and overlaid with graphite, charcoal and pigment. Herrington’s spontaneous, gestural marks dance on the canvas, while her subtle female forms ground her compositions, developing a story and set of possibilities for each of her subjects. In conjunction with the exhibition, she will be hosting an educational series on her inspiration and creative process.

LGN website


JANUARY 11 – FEBRUARY 26, 2022

Luis Garcia-Nerey, through a series of abstract paintings and site-specific installations throughout the Museum, invites viewers to confront and explore one of the most basic theories of human existence: the idea of the Self and the Other. His work consists of constructed environments that often starkly juxtapose each other, showing the chasms that exist from one person’s lived reality to the next. Viewers are able to navigate these physical spaces and draw relevant conclusions themselves. In Shifting Lines, Garcia-Nerey literally leaves the door open to interpretation on subjects such as identity, inequality, and community.


kromadik image



Krōˈmadik is a beautifully curated selection of works from the Museum’s permanent collection. As the name implies, the works showcased are meant to evoke the feelings and sensations produced by color. Included are works by: Rotraut Klein-Moquay, Darwin Estacio Martinez, Sarah Huang, Leonard Janklow, Dana Donaty, Alexandra Nechita, and more.

KF website square



Ken Falana, Best in Show winner of our “Inspired By” exhibition in 2020, presents a retrospective of his work spanning the past 60 years. Born and raised in Florida, he experiments with silk screen, collage and monoprints to create a boldly abstract and colorful collection of art pieces. Falana describes himself as a “colorist,” whose inspiration stems from his remembered experiences growing up in rural Central Florida and the Gulf Coast. His oeuvre spans over six decades, and includes a series of early silk screen works and collage prints that explore the Civil Rights movement of the sixties to monotypes and expressionist collages that comment on today’s most pressing issues, such as the global effects of climate change. In recent years, Falana began combining silk screen printing (serigraphy) with collage, and experimenting with monoprinting to create boldly abstract and vibrant new pieces. His artwork remains in public and private collections, including the Museum of the National Center for Afro-American Artists, Boston; NCCU Art Museum; and Florida A&M University, among others.




Multidisciplinary artists Jeanne Jaffe, Marcela Marcuzzi, Marina Font, Molly McGreevy and Nina Surel of Miami-based Collective 62 seek to reawaken and recreate the conventional connotations of classic fairytales, rituals, and legends. These well-known histories are reimaged and given new life through a contemporary lens. Multi-sensory environments composed of larger-than-life sculpture, videos, interactive elements, stop-motion animation, and sound overtake the Museum space.

Participating Artists

Jeanne Jaffe
Marcela Marcuzzi
Marina Font
Molly McGreevy
Nina Surel

Image Devora Perez Color Paintings



Contemporary artists Claudio Marcotulli, Devora Perez, Haiiileen, and Renee Phillips will explore the synthesis of color, light and space through their unique and large-scale installations. Inspired by the science and art of color, each sets out to disrupt how we as humans perceive and interact with our environment. Regardless of each’s individual perspective, the works in Color + Light + Space all raise questions about the relationship among object and viewer. The composition isn’t necessarily found within the works themselves, rather the museum is transformed into an interactive optical and sensory environment. The artwork encourages the viewer to become a participant in the installations, rather than just an observer, eliminating the distinction between the work and the space surrounding it.

Participating Artists

Claudio Marcotulli
Devora Perez
Renee Phillips

art reception

INTO THE FOLD | Collaborative Book Arts in South Florida

JULY 6TH – AUGUST 21ST, 2021

Into The Fold highlights a series of eleven artist books and the artists who made them. Each book is the result of a collaboration between the artist and printmaking and book arts studio, IS Projects, made possible through their artist book publishing program, Existent Books. Viewers can get up close and personal with handmade, limited-edition artist books and gain an in-depth view of how artists working in all different mediums take on the challenge of manifesting their concepts and visual language into book form.

Participating Artists

Edwin Beauchamp
Beth Sheehan
Noah Levy
Jen Clay
Brian Butler
Elysa D. Batista
Christian Feneck
Michelle AM Miller
Onajide Shabaka
Carol Prusa
Elia Khalaf

Speed limit 65 skin Small[27784]

MARINA GONELLA | RECONFIGURE fragments places layers

MAY 10TH – JUNE 26TH, 2021

Marina was born in Chicago, and moved with her family to Buenos Aires, Argentina at an early age. There she graduated from the School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón (Buenos Aires) and attended classes at IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional de Las Artes, Buenos Aires), pursuing an MFA. In 2002 moved to South Florida with her family and has been living and working there since. Marina has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the United States, Argentina and Uruguay. She also participates at art fairs such as Pinta, Aqua, Scope, Art Wynwood and more. Her work is part of national and international, private and corporate collections.

Diaspora Dispersion and Resistance | Sonia Baez-Hernandez

Diaspora in a Time of Change

MARCH 16TH – MAY 1ST, 2021

The Coral Springs Museum of Art invited artists or artist teams to explore the theme, “DIASPORA” in a time of change: Diaspora is a term used to describe movements in population from one country to another and is often cited in discussions about identity.

In relation to art, the term diaspora is used to discuss artists who have migrated from one part of the world to another, (or whose families have), and who express their diverse experiences of culture and identity in the work they make; often expressing alternative narratives, and challenging the ideas and structures of the established art world.

Katina Chang | Jewelry | mixed media | Cypress Bay High School

Superintendent’s Advanced Placement Studio Art Exhibition

MARCH 16TH – MAY 1ST, 2021

The Coral Springs Museum of Art presents the 2021 Broward County Public Schools Superintendent’s Advanced Placement Studio Art Exhibition. 

Participating Artists

Cooper City High School
Saria Belizaire
Kaylyn Myers
Alyssa Sanchez
Chase Shannon

Coral Springs Charter School
Kiana Cuevas
Jimena Carbajal
Kai Donaldson
Kole Redmond
Alexa Yang

Cypress Bay High School
Joshua Ahn
Riley Bernard
Danielle Cerutti
Katina Chang
Ezra Granados
Suhyun Jin
Ashlyn Kyser
Lana Martin
Camila Martinez
Isabella Paez-Pumar
Brenda Stanemir
Esteban Zachs

Deerfield Beach High School
Nicole Aguilar
Shannon Crawford
Larissa De Freitas
Dahlia Mitchell

Dillard 6-12 High School
Iana Agapova
Andrea Duarte
Amaya Etheart
Isabella Lewis
Aliyah Matthews
Samuel McCrater
Mikayle Morrison
Adrian Monterrosa
Jahnia Pascal
Jennifer Turner

Everglades High School
Yaumara Carrion
Rebecca Scott
Lauren Shee

Charles W. Flanagan High School
Ashley Calderon
Christian Estevez
Rosey Nguyen
Jasmine Saldana-Martis
Danny Saldarriaga

McArthur High School
Le Do
Shaira Jean Cayubit
Mary Bella Durham
Hailey Herrera
Andrea Parra

Northeast High School
Kayden Campbell
Kylie Grimm

Pompano Beach High School
Luke Berg

South Broward High School
Alex Castillo
Dynasty Dias-Maxwell
Jackie Ladue
Nicole Larrosa
Elizabeth Ruiz
Joanna Ruiz
Lochlain Skove

Stoneman Douglas High School
Olivia Blaker
Alexa Correia
Faith Hartwig
Isabella Terpstra
Dongyu Zheng

J.P. Taravella High School
Jaevy Beggs
Adam Dwyer  
Stephany Lopez
Nathalie Ramirez

Western High School
Rachel Cheng
Carolina Ortega-Martinez

Super Natural - Cheryl Maeder

Cheryl Maeder | Super Natural 


Maeder was born in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA, and in her early 20s moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where she studied photography at the Zurich University of the Arts. After 8 years in Switzerland, she returned to the United States and opened her photography studio in San Francisco, where she photographed international advertising and fashion campaigns. She transitioned from photographing fashion models to photographing real women, to celebrate the beauty of women in all shapes and sizes. Her photography work became the inspiration for the Dove Campaign on Real Women, Real Beauty- which transformed the way women are viewed in the global media. In 2005, Maeder relocated her studio to the Miami area and deeply immersed herself in fine art photography and filmmaking.

While the foundation of Maeder’s work is photography, investigations into video and large-scale installations have expanded her visual world. By immersing herself in the world of new technologies and shifting between the mediums, new opportunities for rewarding and creative collaborations have occurred for large-scale installations.


Keith McKnight

Matt Mitchell | 100 Faces of War


The American military in the 21st century is diverse and reflects the complexities of the country and the current times. “100 Faces of War,” a traveling exhibition from the Smithsonian, presents the stories of those who served the U.S. in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 
Matthew Mitchell’s artwork questions what it means to represent the human face in traditional artistic media. Mitchell’s work since the completion of 100 Faces of War has concerned an effort to represent the human face in ways that reflects a study of and enjoyment of humanity in total. He graduated from Pratt Institute and lives in Western Massachusetts.

100 Faces of War is an exhibition organized for travel by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service in collaboration with artist Matt Mitchell. This program is sponsored by the Florida Humanities Council with funds from the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

The Point_Camilla Webster

Camilla Webster | Every Painting Tells a Story

JUNE 13TH – AUGUST 22ND, 2020

Camilla Webster is a museum-collected and widely exhibited fine artist, best-selling author, TED speaker, and lecturer. Webster is a New York artist but has been painting in South Florida since 2017, working in acrylic on canvas as she focuses on the essence of nature and the landscapes of Palm Beach, the Florida Keys, and the American West.
Webster explores her ideas through working in acrylic, oils, video, and photography. Themes also are informed by her background as a leading veteran journalist and storyteller at Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and other international news outlets in finance, global affairs, and more. 

Psychopomp- Gold Man Series I - Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart | Vibrational Expressionism

JUNE 13TH – AUGUST 22ND, 2020

Best known as a drummer in the renowned expedition into the soul and spirit of rock and roll that is the Grateful Dead, multi-GRAMMY Award winner Mickey Hart is also an accomplished writer, energetic painter, restless explorer, and an acclaimed expert on the history and mythology of drums. A true original, armed with an inventor’s audacious curiosity, Hart boldly seeks to break the rhythm code of the universe and investigate its deepest vibrations.

Chemical Peel (#15)

Toxic/Nature Studios | Toxic/Nature

MARCH 21ST – MAY 16TH, 2020

Toxic/Nature Studios features environmental photography that celebrates the majesty of nature and laments its demise, in small moments. Using close-up macro techniques, the photographs express my appreciation for and concern about the environment. All photos are taken by me, Scott Schneider, with an iPhone, thereby leveraging the power of technology to observe rather than to distract.  I take photos every day, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  I don’t go out to take pictures; I take pictures because I’m out. From my photographs, I create archival, digital pigment prints using environmentally friendly inks on bamboo paper, which is highly sustainable.

abstract painting with red blue and pink


MARCH 21ST – MAY 16TH, 2020

Claudia Echeverria is a Venezuelan-born artist living in Miami, Florida. Known as CLoD in the art world, her flashy work is inspired by everyday life, people, relationships and all that is truth. Often painting as a child, CLoD possessed a creative fire, but it wasn’t until she found herself in a dead end corporate career that she took her love for art from hobby to profession. “Working as a TV producer somehow didn’t make sense anymore, it didn’t feed my soul”, CLoD said. “So I quit my job, left for a solo trip around the world for a year, and decided to live the rest of my life with integrity to my passion, creating in an almost obsessed way.” A significant influence that molded the mind of CLoD came as a result of traveling to more than 50 countries, immersing solo in diverse cultures, recognizing our differences as societies and discovering her perception of the simplicity of human essence, which does not change anywhere.

Call to Artist Exhibition

Inspired By


The Coral Springs Museum of Art presents an exhibition  demonstrating the artist’s individuality and creativity brought about by personal inspiration.  This open theme, open media   exhibition asks artists to complete the sentence:  “My work is inspired by_______________.”

Juror Harumi Abe is a Japanese native artist from Tokorozawa, Saitama, who has lived in South Florida nearly half of her life. Her current series of work, “Shakkei”  are abstracted landscape paintings, layered images and memories emerge as fresh perspectives on Florida and Japan. Abe paints visual topography of her inner self and sense of belonging to both places. Finding unity in a balanced, emotional palette, the artist’s relationship to these prismatic landscapes is magnified by “borrowing” from the regions to create meaningful connections with her beloved homelands.

Exhibition Winners: Museum Choice: Kenneth Falana Sr. “Storm Surge” | 2nd Place: Asandra “Walking Between the Worlds” | 3rd Place: Sally Cooper “Everglades 4” | Honorable Mention: Brenda Presil “Aweng Chuol” | People’s Choice: Vivian Hernandez “Frida I” 

ap show

BCPS | Superintendent’s Advanced Placement Studio Art Exhibition


The Coral Springs Museum of Art presents in collaboration with the Broward County Public Schools the Superintendent’s Advanced Placement Studio Art Exhibition 2020.

Participating Artists

Adrian Monterrosa
Aiden Malcer
Alainka Brunache
Alayna Jean-Paul
Alexa Otiniano
Alexia Jones
Alicia Figueroa
Aliyah Matthews
Alyssa Plaza
Amanda Marie Jimenez
Amanda Moran
Amarie Leslie
Andrea Duarte
Andrea Parra
Aracely Sanchez
Ashley Montas
Avianna Osbourne
Bailee Paul
Brian Johny
Carly Rebar
Catarina Rivera
Christine Lin
Cierra Wallace
Cindy Magana
Cobi Gardner
Daniel Brocki
Daniela Barazarte
Darian Williams
Diana Galeano
Dillon Stawicki
Dominique Shivers
Dorissa Dupuy
Emilio Moreno
Fabiana Carrillo
Gabriel Bit-Babik
Gabriels Camacho-Heredia
Hailey Strain
Hannah Casia
Hannah Shelton
Hillary Perez
Iana Agapova
Isabel Isla
Isabella Crowley
Isabella Lewis
Isabella Paredes
Isabelle Souza
Jaedyn Wint
Jahnia Pascal
Jaimie Rivero
Jax Silvestri
Jaylen Belis
Jetty Porter
Joana Trowell
Julia Bateman
Julia Civalero
Julianna Berroa
Justin Clarke
Justin Richard
Kayla Mecoli
Kirbie Brownfield
Krystina Masihy
Latasha Cooper
Lucy Rosenblum
Luis Suarez
M. Jamesly Saint Louis
Madison Fishman
Mandel Vixamar
Marcos Vazquez
Maria Jaramillo
Marina Tsukanoua
Mary Bella Durham
Megan Murphy
Mia Scheinhaus
Milagros Delahanty
Monique Miquel
Natalie Dillehay
Nathan Hill
Nicole Szkwrek
Olivia in’t Zandt
Pablo Ortiz
Paris Quillen
Phoebe Zhang
Prineshia Newbold
Raquel Santana
Rashell Parziale
Rebecca Bellezza
Rebekah Rotman
Reem Habbal
Richea Farquharson
Rivenshell Salomon
RonalD Beaujin
Saadiyah Malon
Sabiha Bhuiyan
Sacha Adderley
Sadie Robinson
Sara Cano
Sofia A. Parra Rivas
Stephanie Arroyo
Susana Marulanda-Ortega
Tak Yu Wong
Terence Wilchcombe
Tyra Pacheco
Viviana Castillo
Xuanyi Zhao
Yejin Koo
Yvette Pratdesaba
Zohar Wolfson

Mr. Brainwash_perm. collec. CSMoA

Museum Collection + Recent Acquisitions


The Coral Springs Museum of Art presents its Permanent Collection and Recent Acquisitions 2017 – 2020. 

Elise and James Case - Children of the Modern Family

Wilma Siegel | Children of the Modern Family


Wilma Bulkin Siegel, M.D. graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1958 and received her medical degree in 1962 at Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania. She has had a distinguished career as a prominent Oncologist in New York City. In her career she was a pioneer establishing one of the first Hospices in the state of New York and one of the first to accept AIDS patients. In the capacity of Medical Director of that Hospice she was asked to give her expertise on AIDS to the Presidential Commission in Washington. Following her retirement she combined medicine with her other childhood career target, painting. She has become an award-winning artist recognized nationally for her series of people living with AIDS.  In April 2009 she was awarded the highest honor for her contribution to the field of arts in Healthcare “Janice Palmer Award of Society of Arts in Healthcare”.


Use this one for collateral

Raul Vega


Raul Vega specializes in textured canvasses, using a rich mixture of layered paints, which are often applied with brushes in combination with pallet knife creating a dramatic and very intriguing optical and dimensional effect. He has developed a unique technique that benefits the artist’s creative vision. His work is evidence that his patience and artistic development from his days formally studying art at the College of Mayaguez, University of Puerto Rico, and the Catholic University of Ponce, PR, and later, at the prestigious Pratt Institute.  Vega distinguishes himself stylistically through his aggressive textured surfaces, and purposeful abstract patterns created by nature and manipulated by man. His work has expanded throughout his career while retaining certain characteristic elements of his unique style of painting.

Photojournalist Ian Witlen selects the order of his upcoming exhibition "Anguish in the Aftermath: Examining a Mass Shooting"  at the Coral Springs Museum of Art in Coral Springs, Florida.

Ian Witlen | Anguish in the Aftermath: Examining a Mass Shooting


Ian Witlen is an internationally published freelance photographer living and working in South Florida. He specializes in photojournalism, live music, editorial and commercial photography. From the time he got his first camera at the age of six, Ian’s passion for photography has grown exponentially over the years. He started his career as a photographer’s assistant on shoots for well-known fashion magazines and advertising campaigns.

Support for this exhibit has been provided by the Florida Humanities Council and by the following Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward:  Helen and Frank Stoykov Charitable Endowment Fund; Ruth H. Brown Fund for the Arts; Ron Castell Memorial Fund; Leonard & Sally Robbins Fund; Mary N. Porter Community Impact Fund; and Harold Rosenberg Fund for Children’s Education.

2012. Principita-Oleolienzo-200x300cm

Dario Ortiz


Dario Ortiz is a Colombian self-taught artist, whose work sits in the crossroads where religious themes meet humanist observation to capture the beauty of the human body while creating an emotional moment to connect with the viewer.  Ortiz’s work “…is the path of creation, that has as its goal, the stunning expression of the painting.  In this unpredictable exchange between the silent talent of a painter and the demands of the medium in which he works, his trajectory is guided by a devotion to the materialization of images and ideas that could not exist in any form other than in his own painting, upon the spread his canvas.” In 2003 Ortiz founded, and is the head of, the Museo de Arte del Tolima in Ibagué, Spain.


Yifei Zhou | The Charm of Chinese Brush Painting

JUNE 19TH – AUGUST 17TH, 2019

Yifei Zhou was born in 1958. He was a child prodigy, drawing, painting, and doing calligraphy since early childhood. He has been practicing Chinese Brush Painting for more than 45 years. Today, He is a member of the prestigious Shanghai Zhonghua Calligraphy and Painting Association, a professional group affiliated with the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Art. 
Yifei Zhou’s artwork illustrates his solid foundation in the traditional approach to Chinese Brush Painting. He uses various shades of black ink and colorful brush strokes to create beautiful works of art. His paintings cover landscapes, plants & flowers, and animals.

006_chinese caos_2012_cm 100x80

Zhang Hong Mei | China Art Now!

JUNE 19TH – AUGUST 17TH, 2019

Born in 1973, Zhang Hong Mei graduated in 1996 from the faculty of textile design at the Shangdong Academy of Fine Arts. in 2001, she obtained a second degree in textile design at the University of Qinghua, where she attended a Master’s to qualify in teaching. She has collaborated with well-known and famous English, Italian and Chinese textile design companies. After her time as a textile designer, she began painting while exhibiting in the United States, Central, and South America, and Europe. Her work has developed through research dedicated to abstraction but is still connected to certain historic references deriving from Chinese realism. 

«‡ª®≈Æ∫¢ Underglaze Blue Girl 100x150cm oil painting 2017 (1)

Xu De Qi | China Art Now!

JUNE 19TH – AUGUST 17TH, 2019

Xu De Qi was born in 1964, Jinan (Shandong, China). In 1991 Xu De Qi graduated from Shandong Normal University where he is currently Professor. From 2001 to 2010, he began to exhibit his artworks in the most important Chinese Museums and galleries, and started in this period to conquer Europe and America.

Rocket, 2018
Cast Stainless Steel
27 x 23 x 9 in.

Hubert Phipps

MARCH 16TH – MAY 18TH, 2019

Hubert Phipps was born in Virgina in 1957. Studying at the Art Students League in New York, The Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts and the San Francisco Art Institute, his background in the fine arts is extensive. Hubert was also a professional Automobile Race Car driver, which lends itself to the asthetic created by his works. He resides in his studio in Northern Virginia. 

Phoenix by Jill Krutick

Jill Krutick | Lyrical Abstraction

MARCH 16TH – MAY 18TH, 2019

Jill Krutick is a contemporary abstract expressionist who paints in both oils and acrylics on canvas. She is known for her series of paintings, which speak through the spirited use of color and texture. Her works have captured the attention of renowned art critics and historians, who follow her work and write about her evolution as an artist. Krutick painted for over 40 years privately and studied at The Art Students League of New York. In 2010, she decided to show her work publicly and, since then, has garnered increasing visibility. Krutick paints out of Mamaroneck, NY in her studio, Jill Krutick Fine Art. She is active in the field of arts, and has served on the boards of The Art Students League, The Recording Academy (NY Chapter), Hoff-Barthelson Music School, The Wharton Arts Network and National Amusements.

Entry Form Image

Inspired By


The Coral Springs Museum of Art presents an exhibition  demonstrating the artist’s individuality and creativity brought about by personal inspiration.  This open theme, open media   exhibition asks artists to complete the sentence: “My work is inspired by_______________.”

Winning Artists: Museum Choice: CLoD “Vamanos” | 2nd Place: Diane Lublinski “Remember Your Path” | 3rd Place: Eileen Shalom “Rise Above” | Honorable Mention: Susan Hanssen “Horeseplay”, Victoria Sheridan “Summer Nights”, Carmen Bocanegra “Samovar Tea” | People’s Choice: Michelle Marra “Semi-Precious”, Mark Zaccardi “Smuggler’s Run”.

Javaughn Thompson
Best in Show
Mc Arthur High School

BCPS | Superintendent’s Advanced Placement Studio Art Exhibition


The Coral Springs Museum of Art presents in collaboration with Broward County Public Schools the Superintendent’s Advanced Placement Studio Art Exhibition..

Best in Show: Javaughn Thompson “Smile” – McArthur High School | 1st Place: Karolain Rodriguez “Daydream” – McArthur High School | 2nd Place: Marie Franco “Second Santy” – Cypress Bay High School | 3rd Place: Symphonii Smith-Kennedy “Baccus” – Dillard Center for the Arts | Honorable Mention: Fabiana Polito “Everyone Smile in the Same Language” – Cypress Bay High School, Kaori Hall “Antibiotics” – Dillard Center for the Arts, Alexa Otiniamo Self Portrait” -Western High School.


Beautiful Disasters--Purple Sky_Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson | Forty Years of Painting

December 1st – March 2nd, 2019

Elizabeth Thompson (born 1954 in New York City) is an American painter whose works have been described by writer and art historian Bonnie Clearwater as “a call to action for the reclamation of Paradise”. She has painted the Florida Everglades as “de-peopled visions of a primordial Eden.” Thompson lives in Florida and New York City. Thompson uses both the traditional method of oil and canvas, but beginning in 2017 began experimenting with acrylics on unprimed canvas. She paints on the floor and allows the “accidents” created by pouring paint directly on the canvas dictate the eventual subject and composition of the work. 

ThroughTheDarkestHour2 (JPEG)

Alvaro Labaniño | Echoes of Silence

December 1st – March 2nd, 2019

Alvaro Labañino was born in 1989 in Miami, Florida, son of a working-class family. His father (born in Baracoa, Cuba) was a self-employed handyman whom emigrated from Cuba to the U.S. soon after Fidel Castro’s takeover of the island nation. His mother (born in La Lima, Honduras), a self-employed housekeeper, emigrated from Honduras to the U.S. in search of a life better than in poverty-stricken, crime-ridden Honduras.

Labañino was raised in Little Havana, one of Miami’s most historic neighborhoods, as well as one of its most impoverished, but opportunely attended South Miami Senior High Magnet School of the Arts’ magnet program for Fine Art, graduating in 2008. He then attended Miami Dade College—the first in his family to go to college—and thereafter went on to earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (majoring in Painting, with a minor in Art History) cum laude from Florida International University in 2012. He currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.​

Sally Cooper Everglades Series 2

Sally Cooper | Journey to Abstraction

December 1st – December 29th, 2018

Sally Cooper has been painting all her life and began actively pursuing her creative talents in the late eighties.  In 1990 she was awarded an annual Art Award from Broward Community College.  In the mid nineties she moved from detailed representational work and began to seek the abstract.  By 2000 image reference was left behind and her style evolved into explosions of color, markings and movement.  Her work has been included in numerous regional and national competitive exhibitions receiving awards in most.

Danial Winn - Metamorphosis

Daniel Winn | Metamorphosis- The Beginning

September 29th – November 17th, 2018

Winn’s goal with “Existential Surrealism” is to explore the basic nature of human existence and examine the relationship between free-will and providence, between self-determination and the universal plan. The works are predominately figurative as it is inherently focused on the human experience, but also incorporates abstract and even mythological elements to communicate the divinity of creation. Winn draws upon his own life experiences, surreal in themselves, his ancestral culture and the contemporary influences of the culture and nation which he has called home since escaping war-torn Vietnam in 1975.

National Association of Women Artists

National Association of Women Artists | Daydreaming

September 29th – November 17th, 2018

The National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), the oldest women’s fine art organization in the country, is a vibrant community of professional women artists that strives to support its members and women artists at large through exhibitions, programs and education. NAWA members represent all areas of the visual arts including painting, sculpture, photography, print-making, encaustic, video art, installations and mixed media. The benefits of membership are many, including a substantial Awards program, the opportunity to display artwork throughout the U.S. in our Exhibitions program, and inclusion in NAWA’s Annual Catalog. The history of NAWA is a testament to the strength and resilience of a group of strong women who would not accept being shut out of the art salons, galleries and art exhibitions open to male artists during the 19th century. In 1889 their founding of the organization that subsequently became the National Association of Women Artists, Inc. proves that, despite adversity and discrimination – which many feel extends to this day — women are an integral and valuable part of the arts community.

Rolande Reverdy Moorhead

Rolande Reverdy Moorhead | War + Patriotism

September 29th – November 17th, 2018

“I am a realistic painter dealing with many subjects, some deeper than other according to the moment in time, hence the WAR SERIES which I started to paint in 1976. Mankind seems to be so determined to annihilate himself, that from time immemorial he has been seeking utter self- destruction. Genocide is a way of mankind. Reading the history of the world, one cannot remain unaware of the many wars which have taken place since the beginning of the world. Some of the paintings depict the suffering of the civilian population, which is never excluded from such turmoil. Misery and death are always the end-results of such horrid situations.

As an artist, I depict the violence of war on canvas as a part of history, whereby, the viewer can ponder on the miseries and futility of wars. Of all the subjects I paint, the WAR SERIES is what I consider to be my most important body of work. I have many more paintings to do and enjoy the challenge of the subject.”

Francie Bishop Good - “Comus”

Francie Bishop Good | Comus

June 2nd – August 11th, 2018

Francie Bishop Good was raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  She currently lives and works in South Florida and New York City. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.  Bishop Good is twice recipient of the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, and the State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship.

Dana Donaty

Dana Donaty | Twinkle Toes

June 2nd – August 11th, 2018

Dana Donaty was raised in New Jersey, coming with a unique blend of Colombian, Peruvian, Italian, Irish and American backgrounds. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA. After living in London, England for twelve years she relocated in 2006 to Florida, where she now lives and works.
Widely recognized for her provocative canvases with unusual narrative, Donaty’s unmistakable satirical lexicon is a perfect collision of reality and fantasy, outlandish burlesque, psychological flirtation and a super charged palette that is like a party about to get thoroughly out of control.

Reflections Series by Judi Regal

Judi Regal 

December 2nd, 2017 – March 3rd, 2018

Judi Lynn Regal is an artist who works primarily in oils and watercolors. Her expertise in fine art, painting and design has spanned a period of 18 years. Regal’s contemporary works focus on light, texture and the interplay of color and form. They explore the nexus of representation and abstraction. Judi Regal ventures into the Everglades to paint. She is able to capture its essence. Her current work can be viewed within the broad mainstream of Florida landscape painters stretching back into the early 19th century. Judi Regal’s art transcends both time and place. It evokes the exuberant, intense coloration of the fauves, the bright vision of Oscar Bluemner and the contemporary abstracted naturalism of Wolf Kahn.

Black Swan by Luis Castañeda

Luis Castañeda | Danzzarria

December 2nd, 2017 – March 3rd, 2018

Luis Castañeda was born in Havana, Cuba in 1943. Moved to Spain in 1979 and came to the United States in 1985, residing in Miami, Florida and becoming US Citizen in 1991 while constantly traveling worldwide professionally, engaged in stock photography with several prestigious agencies that represent his work in many countries, like Getty Images (USA), Alamy (UK), Mauritius (Germany) and AGE Fotostock (Spain) among others.


Boca Loca by Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia | Pa’riba, Pa’bajo, Pal’centro Y Pa’dentro

December 2nd – December 23rd, 2017

Daniel Garcia was born in Miami Beach, Florida of Puerto Rican parents. From a young age, Daniel lived in Wynwood, known today as Miami Art District. As a child, this area was composed of factories which today have been turned into galleries and other art venues. As a child, art was his passion, and from that early age, his parents realized his talents and helped guide him.

His work combines the constant motion of everyday life, running from point A to point B and not taking time to enjoy the ride. In his art, you can see this motion as it becomes almost abstract represented by distorted yet colorful and playful images, “It’s like trying to sketch a model that does not stop moving, and creating a sketch with many line and forms”; like a scene from a carnival or rush hour in most large cities.

His use of bright colors are reflections from his many travels to his parent’s native land, where year round you are surrounded by colorful foliage, the blue sky, the flavor if it’s people, the music, and the vibe. All of these elements come together on his canvas creating his vision, his world, his passion, his life – his art.

Heart of the Mediterranean by Cory Bennett

Cory Bennett | Iconic Neo-POP

September 9th – November 18th, 2017

Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV urban artist Cory Bennett his own unique style of art that combines an urban “street” style with the use of found-media, providing the artist with an endless supply of complex and relevant subject matter.

“My artistic message is without judgment — both the outwardly obvious interpretation and the more subtle critical interpretation are equally valid,” Bennett said. “Rather, I intend my work simply as an exploration of dichotomy and an exercise in encouraging his viewers to recognize the duality of all things.”

His work combines the constant motion of everyday life, running from point A to point B and not taking time to enjoy the ride. In his art, you can see this motion as it becomes almost abstract represented by distorted yet colorful and playful images, “It’s like trying to sketch a model that does not stop moving, and creating a sketch with many line and forms”; like a scene from a carnival or rush hour in most large cities.

Sophisticated by Stan Slutsky

Stanford Slutsky

March 11th – May 20th, 2017

Born in 1941, Slutsky attended Youngstown University in Youngstown, Ohio, and semi studied drafting, design and architecture in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.Although his technique is an outgrowth of those studies, he admits to being mostly “self-taught, uncomfortable in stuffy studio classes, too energized for workshops, and wishing to experiment first-hand”. 

Symbols by Isabel Perez

Isabel Perez | Fifty

December 3rd, 2016 – January 28th, 2017

Creating the exhibition “Fifty” is my way of expressing my gratitude for the opportunity the United States has given me and my family to live in a strong country rich in history.”

Isabel Perez was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1973. She received her BA in Fine Art from the Cristobal Rojas School of Art and received a scholarship in drawing at the Federico Art Institute in 1994.

Perez has exhibited in the US and abroad including shows at Coral Springs Museum of Art in Florida, Alliance Francaise with Embassy of France in Venezuela, Villa la Fuente Cultural Center in Argentina and Latino Art Fair at The Latino Chamber of Commerce in Wisconsin. Her work has been reviewed in Art News, Sun Sentinel, El Universal, El National and some magazines.

Flamingo – Key West by J. Steven Manolis

J. Steven Manolis

December 3rd, 2016 – February 28th, 2017

I paint in series, and each work within these series mirrors my burning desire to communicate through the vivid use of color, or through black and white. I seek to express my thoughts and emotions and what I see in the world around me through the fusion of color transformed into my idea of beauty. My ultimate goal for those who study, collect and invest in my art is to have each individual work evoke emotion in and be a unique experience for each viewer. Every person brings their own world perspective to the painting; thus, it will be a specific and distinctive encounter for everyone.


Martha Rodríguez

Ricardo Garcia, Martha Rodriguez + Carlos Zerpabzueta | Converging Divergences

December 3rd, 2016 – January 2nd, 2017
A Mother’s Death, A Cup of Milk by Jo Ann Nana

Jo Ann Nava | A Retrospective

September 11th – November 20th, 2016

It would be difficult to find a more culturally rich environment to grow an artist than the south Bronx in the 1950s. These early sensory impressions were akin to living in a John Sloan painting, with fire escapes, clotheslines and stickball. But it was later, going to school in the Chicago area, that the commitment to art was set. Exploring the Art Institute of Chicago and The Field Museum JoAnn developed a mutual admiration for contemporary artists and ancient artisans.

Wizard Humming by John Patrick Kelly

John Patrick Kelly

September 11th – November 20th, 2016

Born in Denver, Colorado in June of 1949, Patrick was raised by his mother and grandmother. His childhood was rather traumatic, since his early attraction to art was not readily understood by his peers. While other boys were playing football, Patrick learned how to sew, make quilts and pottery pieces, collect rocks, and pretend to be an Indian. He began painting with oils at the age of six, and bronze sculpture at the age of fifteen, having become the youngest member of The Rocky Mountain Liturgical Arts Association. Between 1967 and 1970 Patrick visited the University of Northern Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain School of Art, not graduating from any of these, since the commercial slant of these institutions is far from his personal definition of art.

Dali by Jota Leal

Jota Leal | About Face

March 12th – May 28th, 2016

Born in a humble little town in eastern Venezuela in the mid-eighties Jota Leal began drawing and painting at a very young age and never studied fine art. Jota’s style results in a synergy of remarkable painting skill and a probing sense of the subject’s soul, and often tweaked with a remarkable sense of humor. Leal works with pencil on paper, acrylic on board, and acrylic on canvas to achieve his amazing images. He paints the inner soul of his subjects, and manifests this as their outer persona. He is an interpreter of the subconscious, translating with his pencils and brushes. His amazing portraits of Johnny Depp, Jimi Hendrix, John Malkovitch, Al Pacino as Scarface, Babe Ruth, and others are classics of their kind. Jota exhibits his works in the United States and Asia.

Doug by Jim Jinkins

Jim Jinkins | The World According to Jim Jinkins

March 12th – May 28th, 2016

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Jim, as a   youngster, did extensive research into early childhood behavior by riding bikes, building  forts and being picked on by a big mean kid named Roger. His earliest career goals were either to be a forest ranger or to move to the Belgian Congo, grow massive muscles and  become Tarzan. But, as with most best-laid plans, they went astray, and he ended up at Ohio State University instead, studying animation and filmmaking. 

Tyrion Thinks by Angie Jordan

Angie Jordan | The Cube

March 12th – May 28th, 2016

Angie Jordan is an author and a live digital caricature artist whose work has been seen at trade shows and events across the country. Not only is Angie Jordan a pioneer and teacher in the digital caricature industry, she is also a member of the National Cartoonists Society and International Society of Caricature Artists. She’s also the world’s first iPad caricature artist!

Genesis I by Sandra Muss

Sandra Muss | An Assemblage of Spirits

December 5th, 2015 – February 27th, 2016

An Assemblage of Spirits features thirty-five of Sandra Muss’ assemblage compositions which celebrate the great traditions of post-Abstract Expressionism and traditional collage, particularly with a nod to the early Pop artists of the 1960s, who were exploring a transition from symbols, recognizable imagery, narrative abstraction and images of popular culture to non-narrative works that were often embellished with found objects.

Sandra Muss: An Assemblage of Spirits is supported by Funding Arts Broward, supporting innovative local visual and performing arts in Broward County.

Puzzle of Promise by Daniel Itzler

Daniel Itzler

December 5th, 2015 – February 27th, 2016

At 80 years old, Daniel Itzler walked into a gallery in Italy and witnessed a Joan Miro up close for the first time. It was his “aha” moment. Despite never picking up a paint brush, he was so inspired by the beautiful art, that upon his return home he began experimenting with oil and non-traditional mediums. This passion unleashed Daniel’s inner artist and just like that his new career began.

Daniel is a U.S. Army veteran, a serial entrepreneur and holds a variety of patents. In 1945 Daniel started Daljack Industries, a plumbing supply company that he took public in 1972, and was the marketing consultant for the United States Small Business Administration. He has been a member of the American Society of Inventors, the New York Academy of Science, and the American Society of Professional Chaplains.

His passion for art may have been realized later in life, but his determination is that of artists half his age. Daniel’s works in mixed-media, acrylic, mosaic and ceramics capture many themes and many moods. Every piece possesses a beautiful and unique color palette that Daniel blends together despite being colorblind.


Red Lionfish by Tom De Vita

Tom De Vita

December 5th, 2015 – December 24th, 2015

Tom De Vita’s work is about finding a harmony in dissonance. He wants to force multiple “reads” of images and figures, while exploring the deconstruction of their meanings. It is his pursuit to create paintings that appear disjointed and out of context, by juxtaposing overlays of animals and figures to express ambiguous and open-ended narratives.

De Vita embraces the “sea of visual noise”, that is so inherent to our contemporary way of seeing, while preserving his conviction towards painting in the grand tradition of figuration. 

A Solid Thought III by Renzo


September 12th – November 21st, 2015

As the father of “Lucid Realism”, an artistic style that draws heavily on Renzo’s experiences with the indigenous cultures of Australia, Costa Rica, and Mexico as it expresses the commonality of the human experience through symbolic, abstract, and figurative expressionism, he encourages the viewer to perceive the cohesion between the waking and dreaming states.

Renzo’s paintings and sculptures express and communicate his observations of what he believes to be the basic qualities that separate humanity from the inanimate objects that surround it while maintaining their inter-connectivity.

This exhibition has been made possible by Masterpiece Publishing, Inc. – Winn Slavin Fine Art, Galerie Simard Bilodeau, Dutcher Crossing Winery, Art World News & Art Business News.

A Man of Letters by Melinda Trucks

Melinda Trucks

September 12th – November 21st, 2015

Melinda Trucks learns through seeing. Her painting is an attempt to sort through and make sense of her perceptions in her primary language: color and contrast. Therefore, Melinda’s artwork is an intensely personal effort to understand the world. It presents itself to her in an array of light and shadow. Highly saturated, intense colors attract her, but she find that as she develops as an artist, she turn towards the subtle, the neutral. She sees in shapes of color. These are the basic units of her compositions that she molds into the illusion of space and mass. Melinda is not afraid to be painterly and representational in her work. To her, painting is an illusion. At its best, it reflects the illusory nature of the perceived world of human experience.

Ladies in Waiting by John Bowen

John Bowen

September 12th – November 21st, 2015

Realistic expressionism is how John Bowen describes his work. Capturing a mood, striving to tell a story, intrigued by history, landscapes and themes, these are the inspirations that create his art. Emphasizing the play on light and shadow as seen in nature. Describing textures of time written in historic places. Capturing a moment of history, that sense of space. These are the feelings John tries to express in his paintings. Each idea is carefully planned from exploration through execution. Plein Air painting, sketching, photography, using whatever means possible to achieve his vision.

John Bowen has been a Commercial Artist and Fine Arts Painter for more than 50 years. He first studied commercial art at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, at Newark, New Jersey. After two years of experience in advertising agencies, he entered the United States Air Force as an illustrator. His duties in the Air Force included a year of graphically documenting airlift operations in South Vietnam, in 1968. Upon his separation from the service he moved to South Florida and went to work in the art department, at the Miami Herald. He spent the next 38 years working in newspaper advertising.

Imperfectly Perfect by Lew Lautin

Lew Lautin | The Magic Behind the Image

December 6th, 2014 – February 21st, 2015

Lew Lautin is an award winning artist, photographer and videographer whose work cannot be restricted to a single theme or style. Following a successful career in real estate building and development, he dedicated a decade to sensitive environmental issues. Before embarking on his career as a photographer and film maker, he wrote and lectured extensively on wetland issues.


GASKIN BAY 7 by Clyde Butcher

Clyde Butcher | Preserving Eden

September 6th – November 22nd, 2014

For more than 50 years, Clyde Butcher has been preserving on black and white film the quiet beauty of Florida’s most undisturbed landscapes, including the Everglades. Using large format cameras, Butcher’s epic exposures sometimes take as long as an hour to capture. His signature techniques allow him (and the viewer) to explore the elaborate detail and textures of Florida’s untamed beauty.  Preserving Eden: Clyde Butcher’s Florida Photographs is sponsored by Cozen O’Connor and Williams Financial.

Preserving Eden: Clyde Butcher’s Florida Photographs produced by the South Florida Museum, Bishop Planetarium, Inc. Made possible with assistance from Clyde Butcher Galleries. Exhibit toured by the South Florida Museum Traveling Exhibits Service.

Young Woman Bronze Sculpture by Sophie Kahn

Sophie Kahn | Digital Arts Salon

June 14th – July 14th, 2014

Sophie’s work owes its fragmented aesthetic to the interaction of new and old media, or the digital and the analog. She combines cutting-edge technology, like 3D laser scanning and 3D printing, with ancient bronze casting techniques. She creates sculptures and videos that resemble de-constructed monuments or memorials. They engage questions of time, history, vision, identity and the body. The precise 3D scanning technology she uses was never designed to capture the body, which is always in motion. When confronted with a moving body, it receives conflicting spatial coordinates, generating fragmented results: a 3D “motion blur.” From these scans, she creates videos or 3D printed molds for metal or clay sculptures. The resulting objects bear the artifacts of all the digital processes they have been though. They also speak to the impossibility of ever capturing more than a trace of the past, or of a living, breathing body, despite our grandest efforts to fix it in place. This concern with the instability of memory and representation is the common thread that weaves together the ancient and futuristic aspects of my work.

Digital Arts Salons are made possible, in part, through the support of a FAB! Knight New Work Award supported by Funding Arts Broward and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation! Funding for the Coral Springs Museum of Art is provided, in part, by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council. The Museum is also sponsored, in part, by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

Cracked Hands by Stewart Nachmias

Stewart Nachmias | Pulp Icons: Cast Paper + Prints

May 31st – August 23rd, 2014

These cast paper woodcuts reflect aspects of the artist’s life, transformed into bold, graphic images. The prints show him performing puppet shows, playing music and working as a printmaker. There are mandalas that use a circular format, with each devoted to a single subject including clowns and puppeteering. Many of the prints depict an individual in the city, and feature the density and intensity of city life. Urban architecture, with its looming buildings, water tanks and bridges, play a central role in this work.

These prints are expressionist in feeling, concentrating on the visual energy of black lines and strong color. They draw from the German Expressionist tradition, which looks at the life around us through the lens of personal emotion.

This exhibition was curated by Katharine T. Carter through Katharine T. Carter & Associates.

Beverly Myers2

Beverly Myers | Fearless with Color

May 31st – August 23rd, 2014

Beverly Myers is foremost a colorist. She loves color and the relationship of one color to another. Her creative ideas come from nature. Sometimes she starts with a color; expressing herself; feeling her way and not really knowing how it will end.  Her love of art history and music influences her. Myers’ artistic goal is to be the best painter she can be, and to be known for being true to herself. “I see the world in color; I dream in color and with my eyes open.

Countess Ukulele Marionette by Pablo D. Cano

Pablo Cano | Marionettes to Cake Boxes

May 31st – August 23rd, 2014

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1961, Pablo Cano was on the last flight out of the country before the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. He has since been a resident of Miami’s Little Havana, and is regarded by art patrons and critics alike as one of Florida’s premier contemporary fine artists. Since childhood, marionettes have fascinated Pablo. At the age of ten, he was mounting elaborate plays for his family featuring puppets constructed of household bric-a-brac. His primary work today continues to center around the marionettes that he fashions from found objects, and the performance pieces he composes to showcase these protagonists. Influences from the color palette of Russian Constructivist Alexandra Exter, who assembled marionettes in the 1920s, the mechanics of the pieces in Alexander Calder’s Circus and Cubist bricolage can be seen in Pablo’s work. By incorporating carefully selected discarded debris from the urban streets he frequents, as well as miscellany brought to his studio by friends from all over the world, Cano has ultimately developed his own charming and inventive palette that has been described as unlike any other artist’s today.

Scott Draves – Electric Sheep 244 37584

Scott Draves | Electric Sheep 

March 27th – June 13th, 2014

Scott Draves is a software artist and inventor who created the original Flame algorithm in 1991, the Bomb visual-musical instrument in 1995 and the Electric Sheep in 1999. Draves’ software artworks are released as open source and have been used for two decades by many other artists and designers in their own work. Draves is a pioneering software artist best known for creating the “Electric Sheep,” a collective intelligence consisting of 450,000 computers and people that uses mathematics and genetic algorithms to create an infinite abstract animation.