title: Mindscape
medium: red travertine marble
artist: Yoshin Ogata
date: 2007

title: Bashful Bear
medium: acrylic on canvas
artist: Craig Carlisle
donated: 2014

title: 18349 White between Quinacridone (2013)
medium: oil on canvas
artist: Henning Haupt
donated: 2014

title: Blue Situation
medium: acrylic & mixed media on canvas
artist: Perez Celis
donated: 2003

title: Mural for the Arts (2009)
medium: acrylic on canvas
artist: Romero Britto
Artist in Residence Program: 2009

title: Rabbits’ Life (2007)
medium: oil on canvas
artist: Hunt Slonem
donated: 2011

title: L’inspiration (2011)
medium: bronze
artist: André Desjardins
donated: 2014

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  • Gallery Transition from August 28 to September 10, 2016

    Gallery Transition from August 28 to September 10, 2016

    The galleries of the Coral Springs Museum of Art will be closed for visitation between August 28 and September 10 for the installation of three new exhibits. We will reopen on Sunday, September 11, 2016 with the exhibitions of Ira Reines & Erte Retrospective, JoAnn …More »
  • Fall Class Schedule

    Fall Class Schedule

    It’s finally here! Below you will find the fall schedule for adult and children’s classes. In addition to classes that are returning from the spring, we are offering new classes as well. Adult Class Schedule: September, October, November 2016 (click link to open …More »
  • The Speakeasy

    The Speakeasy

      We invite all art enthusiasts to grab your sweetheart, get all dolled up, and travel back in time to the roaring ‘20s for the Museum’s annual Masterpiece Event! On this night only, the Coral Springs Museum of Art will …More »
  • One Art Nation: Joseph Conrad-Ferm

    One Art Nation: Joseph Conrad-Ferm

      As I See It with Bruce Helander Joseph Conrad-Ferm – Momentum Preview: “As a professional artist and critic as well as a curator, I have many advantages for which I thank my lucky stars every day. The great benefit of …More »

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